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Handcrafted Italian Icon
Henry Beguelin and his friends began to assemble leather accessories made from cowhides and recycled materials on the Island of Elba in the early 1980s. They created legendary items, now design classics displayed in art galleries around the world. In 1997, Henry started a new design house under the name of Henry Cuir in Milan. His new designs are exclusive to Barney's in the US and to HANKER in Australia and New Zealand.

Henry's designs often feature embroidered stick figures and beading. They are hand stitched with coloured string, and are dyed and tanned using only natural materials. They are also one hundred percent Italian made from start to finish. Each Henry Cuir creation is a one of a kind, individually hand stitched from soft durable leather by artisans in Milan.

Owning a Henry Cuir is like discovering a new family member: once it is there, you wonder that it wasn't always. Somehow, both old and new at the same time, each of his designs has a special natural and human persona.