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Events Calandar

Hanker Event Date Time Place Participation
Kirribilli trunk show August 24 2013 9am to 1pm 16-18 Fitzroy Street, Kirribilli, Sydney All Welcome
Marimekko store opening November 1 2012 7pm 66 King Street, Sydney By Invitation
Mr. Rose pop-up opening April 6 2011 7pm 31 Norfolk Street, Paddington, Sydney By Invitation
Paddington pop-up store April 4 to May 29 2011 10am on 31 Norfolk Street, Paddington, Sydney All Welcome
Ovarian cancer fundraiser December 4 2010 7pm Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney By Invitation
Kirribilli trunk show December 2 2010 6pm Private residence By Invitation
Marimekko "Coming Out' Party August 25 2010 7pm Lacey Street Warehouse, Sydney Design Lovers
Launch celebration August 19 2010 7pm

Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

By Invitation

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