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HANKER is building the ultimate online destination for professional women. We deliver premium products, services and information that work for professional women, when and where they need it.

Our customers include CEOs, financiers, mums at home, doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, asset managers, retirees, journalists, politicians, corporate directors, entrepreneurs, creative directors, senior managers and executive assistants. They are smart, thoughtful, discerning and engaged women, and that's the way we like it.

HANKER prides itself on its choice of products. Our buyers, themselves professional women, search the world and hand-select each product with the needs and lifestyle of professional women in mind.

Our website combines easy shopping for premium products from the world's best designers with informative and relevant editorial comment on style, business, management and leadership, and global issues.

All products purchased on HANKER arrive at your door via worldwide express in our delightful signature green packaging.

HANKER is witty, tasteful and stimulating.