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HANKER is an ambitious and growing business. We are always looking for talented people who want to contribute the best of what they have and to make a real difference. Our key skill areas are buying, marketing & communications, information technology, finance and supply chain.

If you think you may have the skills and ambition to make a difference at HANKER, please send your resume and, where appropriate, a select portfolio of your work to careers@hanker.com. Include a covering letter explaining why you would like to work with HANKER, your functional area of choice, and what you would contribute to the business.

HANKER offers 1-3 month internships twice a year. The internships give participants an insight into how an online business works and into the premium products and fashion industries. The internship is ideal for people seeking a job in fashion, media or in an online business, and is particularly useful for people undertaking a degree in a related area as they are designed to be flexible around the academic calendar.

If you would like to apply for an internship, please send your resume and a covering letter to careers@hanker.com. In your cover letter explain why you would like to intern at HANKER, what you would hope to gain from the experience, and what functional areas you are interested in.

Once you have submitted your details, you will be sent an email confirming receipt. Please note that we receive many applications for jobs and internships, so we can only respond to candidates who have been selected for interviews.