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For press, media and new media inquiries, please email media@hanker.com. 

Customer service
If you have a question about a product or a bespoke order, need styling advice, need help choosing the perfect gift, or have a question or comment about any aspect of our website or your order, our customer service representatives are available to help you. Email service@hanker.com.

Corporate gifts
If you need help arranging a special corporate gift campaign, please email us at service@hanker.com. Please get in touch as early as possible so we are able to customize gifts to your requirements.

Feedback & suggestions
HANKER aims to continually improve its offer and your input is invaluable to the HANKER team. Please let us know how we can improve your experience or if we can be of any assistance. We look forward to hearing from you: feedback@hanker.com.

Shipping & returns
If you have an inquiry about shipping or returns please read our Shipping & Returns policy or read our Terms & Conditions. If your question has not been answered, email service@hanker.com.

Suppliers & designers
Inquiries from existing and potential designers and suppliers should be directed by email to the HANKER buying group at buyers@hanker.com.

Careers & contributors
If you are interested in working with HANKER, completing a HANKER internship, or working as a freelance content contributor, please read our Careers section.

If you are interested in advertising and promotions with HANKER, please read our Advertising section.

If you are interested in being a HANKER affiliated website, please read our Affiliates section. 

Corporate affairs
For corporate inquiries please email corporate@hanker.com.